How many times should I inspect the property I’m buying?

So, you’ve found a property that ticks all the boxes and feels like the place you’d like to call home.

But one inspection isn’t likely to be enough to give you the confidence to make an offer or sign a sales contract on the dotted line.

It begs the question, how many times should you inspect it prior to purchasing, and what should you be considering each time you visit?

What’s the average?

If you’re interested in the property, you should definitely return for a further inspection and possibly not just one.

In fact, on average, people who go ahead and buy a property will inspect it anywhere between two and five times before making the final decision to sign on the dotted line.

That said, there’s no hard and fast rule. You may know it’s the one after just one visit or you may need to return multiple times before feeling confident enough to go ahead.

These inspections may also see you return with trusted friends, family members or even professional advisors, who each offer their perspective on the property.

Private inspections

It’s likely the first time you inspect the property will be during a general open home. 

Often these open homes see multiple people in attendance all at the same time, each gauging whether this might be the property for them.

If you’re keen, you might attend the property again the following week, but if you’re really interested, don’t be afraid to schedule a private inspection as this provides the opportunity to go through the home at your own leisure.

Make a list

It’s hard to assess everything you need to during a single inspection, so after the first open home, write a list of things you would need to look at in any subsequent visit to the property, along with any further information you might require from the agent.

This includes:

  • Any available house plans
  • Zoning
  • Bushfire zone information
  • Flood mapping
  • Certification of, or approval for, any renovations/additions
  • Swimming pool compliance

Professional inspections

In addition to the inspections you make in person, you will also need to organise any professional inspections required, such as pest and building inspections.

If you plan to renovate, extend or alter the property, you may also wish to have your architect or builder accompany you for a walk through.

Not just the home

It’s important to also remember, purchasing a property also involves buying into an area and neighbourhood.

So don’t forget to ‘inspect’ the area where the property is located, considering things like:

  • Who else lives there
  • How safe you feel
  • Noise (traffic, aircraft, emergency services)
  • Local amenities (proximity to shops, public transport, medical services, schools)

It’s all about confidence

In many ways purchasing a home is all about ensuring you have confidence in your decision that this is the right property for you.

And the sales agent is there to give you this confidence by providing the information you need to make an informed decision.

As part of this, you have the right to request additional inspections of the residence beyond that first walk-though at an open home.

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