How to work with your real estate agent

Finding the right real estate agent is a major factor in ensuring the successful sale of your property.

But it’s not just about selecting an agent, it’s also about working with them to sell the property in the shortest time possible to the right person for the best possible price.

So, how can you assist the process? Here’s how to work with your real estate agent in the interests of a stress-free property sale.

Be clear on your goals

Selling a property isn’t just about the financial transaction, more often than not it’s about you taking the next step in the journey of life.

That’s why it’s important to let your real estate in on the greater picture that you’re trying to achieve.

That greater picture might be the fact you’re upsizing, downsizing, moving interstate or overseas, or freeing up capital for other purposes.

It might be that life events such as the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship have prompted the sale.

Whatever the reason is for selling, let your agent know along with what you hope to accomplish as a result of the sale.

Communicating your situation and goals with your agent allows them to create the right marketing and sales strategy to suit your needs.

Listen to their recommendations

Chances are the agent will offer a series of recommendations, including repairs or alterations that should be made to the property prior to listing it for sale.

They will also have a recommendation regarding the price the property will achieve, which is based on their experience and market analysis.

It’s important to listen to these recommendations as they will be based on your agent’s professional opinion on how you can achieve the best price for the property.

Agree on the method of sale

There’s more than one way to sell a property and your agent will also likely have a recommendation regarding which is the best method of sale for you.

Feel free to ask the agent how they came to this conclusion, have them walk through the process involved, and discuss any concerns you might have.

Ultimately, you need to be comfortable with the sales method and what it involves.

Agree on the marketing

When it comes to selling a property, the marketing campaign is all about attracting interest in your home.

This campaign includes advertising, photography, possible editorials in newspapers, social media campaigns and more.

Your agent will walk you through their intended marketing campaign including any costs involved.

It’s important you are clear on what the marketing campaign will involve, including any associated costs, along with why the agent is using that specific marketing strategy.

Seek regular updates

Throughout the sales process, it’s important to stay in communication with your agent.

This gives you an insight into any feedback potential buyers might have about the property and its price point.

At the outset, work with the agent to set clear expectations about how and when you will be contacted and updated about the sale of the property.

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